October 11, 2015

By Diane Perkins

Convenience of Sunflower Oils

Once upon a time, as I was looking for better food to plunder, I ventured too far back in the pantry closet. And there I found an unopened bottle of sunflower oil. The expiration date: nowhere near today, okay good. So excitedly, I browsed the net for some of the benefits I can get from it and what food type should it be best used with. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found out that these non-volatile oil extracts could apparently be used in cooking as well as in cosmetic formulations. Here was a beauty oil that could help me battle it out with some of the most problematic skin issues I’ve been dealing with.

If you think me irresponsible for readily jumping in to try this completely foreign produce, here me out. Here’s the deal: I have super dry, super sensitive skin. And because of this, I get random acne breakouts on the most untimely days of the month. You can just guess how desperate I am for a miracle product that could save me from all these troubles. And besides, I fancy myself the adventurous type when it comes to beauty products. I could just about lather and slather anything if it promises me this and that. Pretty reckless? Yes, well, sometimes that’s how you succeed in life.

Okay, so now, sunflower oil. I have found it to be a beauty breakthrough at that time. But now I hear it has become a cult classic. And for good reason too. It has top to toe beauty benefits that you should seriously try. Let me outline the benefits as I’ve seen it:

• Can be used as oil cleanser
• Hydrates and moisturizes
• Lightens dark spots, pimple marks, and even underarms!
• Prevents and reduces the appearance of stretch marks
• Eases dry and itchy scalp and dry patches on face



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